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The best GIC rates in Canada at your fingertips. No paperwork or cheques required! Provide clients with real-time GIC rates, online portfolio viewing, tools and analytics.
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An integrated fully digital paperless system between clients, advisors and issuers.

CashiQ enables you to share rates and transact with clients in real-time. CRM, no paper required.

‘White Label’ Digital GIC Platform:

Your personal brand and logo integrated on the digital interface, with your logo/branding on all communication with clients (ex. Account statements)

‘Digital Interface’:

Online client account opening and account management.

‘Full integration capabilities’:

Full customer relationship management capabilities, with integrated back office system.

‘EFT (no cheques)’:

For GIC purchases, maturity and interest.

‘Data Import/Export’:

Powerful data management tools to import/export data to major third party applications.

‘Multiple Account Types’:

Non Registered: Individual, Joint, Corporate, Condo, Trust, Charities, Registered: Individual/Spousal -RRSP, TFSA, RIF

‘Simple Client Account Opening’:

Onboard and create client accounts with ease. Simple to input and import client data. Digital PDF and signatures to make onboarding an enjoyable experience.
dashboard dashboard

‘Operational Efficiency’:

Integrated Lean Process Flow Management of GIC orders – Dashboard provides order status visibility to GIC Order Status Processing/Tracking, Funding, Maturity, Interest payment etc.

‘AML Compliance’:

Compliance with FINTRAC Identification process options. Configurable to organization’s Compliance Policy. Data history to examine GIC purchase behaviour.

‘Electronic Funding’:

Integrated EFT/ACH purchase of GICs to all major Canadian clearing Banks, Trusts, Credit Unions

‘Real Time Rate Board’:

Configurable algorithm rate board to tailor inflow funding to match funding requirements. (Patent Pending) GIC history, analytics available for strategy decisions

‘Data Management/Integration’:

Import/Export GIC order file to banking system via secure, encrypted file. Multiple options available.

‘Configurable Product Offering’:

Decide what GIC products you want to offer, rates, payment options, account types etc.

Our Use Cases

An integrated fully digital paperless system between clients, advisors and issuers.
  • Client
  • Access to CashiQ GIC Issuer Universe / Earn Rate Advantage of +150 bps over large Canadian Banks (1 year)
  • Ease of Execution
  • View / monitor consolidated portfolio 24/7
  • CashiQ operates independently and is conflict free and is not affiliated with any financial institution
  • Financial Advisor
  • White label, value-add ability to transact, paperless, digitally, real-time, client value add tools
  • Simple, fully secure and compliant desktop application (AML, ID verification, payments)
  • Prospecting tool, visibility of client hidden assets
  • CashiQ never takes custody of client's fund. All funds transfers are handled by the Financial Institution issuer of the term deposit
  • Issuer
  • Secure, simple, consolidated transactional application
  • Centralized repository of all client and transactional information; easy retrieval
  • Reduce handoffs, costs, fully digital, including payments, transaction cycle time minimized
  • Excellent processing and analytical capabilities

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CASHiQ is not a bank, and never takes custody of client funds. CASHiQ simply helps maximize the return on their portfolio and invests in the federally and provincially insured Canadian financial institutions (banks, trust companies, credit unions).

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