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Innovative, Secure, and Tailored for the Sophisticated Investor. Experience Unmatched Simplicity in High-Value Investing.

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Hear from some of the amazing people we work with.

“CashiQ has been great for my business and most importantly, my clients. A one stop shop for all of my clients GIC needs, top notch technology for ease of on-boarding clients and processing, user friendly website for clients, awesome customer/advisor support, and a peace of mind knowing that my clients will get some of the best GIC rates available in the country.”

Marty Metz, CFP, CLU
Metz Financial

“Using the CashiQ interface and technology has been a game changer for me as far as engaging GIC clients in a user friendly manner. Clients love it because it allows them to purchase and view their GICs online but more importantly, the ability to buy it all in one place without having to call each institution.

As an advisor I like the fast turnaround times from setting up the client to them purchasing their GICs and being able to view the dashboard easily. I would highly rate CashiQ as a partner and a convenient way to help and engage clients who are searching for GIC rates online.”

Carter Njovana, Financial Advisor
BlueAlpha Wealth | Keybase Financial Group

Join the Digital GIC Revolution

Investing in GICs has never been easier.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, CASHiQ provides a seamless, secure, and rewarding investment experience.

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Best Rates, Real-Time Access:
Get the most competitive GIC rates in Canada, updated in real-time. No more searching and comparing – the best deals are now at your fingertips.
100% Digital, Zero Paperwork:
Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and physical cheques. Our fully digital platform means your investment journey is smooth, fast, and eco-friendly.
Transparent and Secure:
View your GIC portfolio online anytime. With state-of-the-art security measures, your investments and personal data are always protected.
Tools and Analytics at Your Service:
Make informed decisions with our advanced tools and analytics. Understand your investments better and plan your financial future with confidence.

An integrated fully digital paperless system between clients, advisors and issuers.

Onboard and create client accounts with ease. Simple to input and import client data. Digital PDF and signatures to make onboarding an enjoyable experience.

Financial Advisors

White label, value-add ability to transact, paperless, digitally, real-time, client value add tools

Simple, fully secure and compliant desktop application (AML, ID verification, payments)


View / monitor consolidated portfolio 24/7

Access to CashiQ GIC Issuer Universe / Earn Rate Advantage of +150 bps over large Canadian Banks (1 year)

Financial Institutions

Secure, simple, consolidated transactional application

Centralized repository of all client and transactional information; easy retrieval. Reduce handoffs, costs, fully digital, including payments, transaction cycle time minimized.

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Where Innovation Meets Investment. Our platform is designed for the discerning investor, offering a seamless, high-yield GIC investment experience. We stand apart in a crowded market, providing a straightforward, secure path to significant returns.

‘White Label’ Digital GIC Platform
Your personal brand and logo integrated on the digital interface, with your logo/branding on all communication with clients (ex. Account statements)
Operational Efficiency
Integrated Lean Process Flow Management of GIC orders – Dashboard provides order status visibility to GIC Order Status Processing/Tracking, Funding, Maturity, Interest payment etc.
Digital Interface
Online client account opening and account management.
AML Compliance
Compliance with FINTRAC Identification process options. Configurable to organization’s Compliance Policy. Data history to examine GIC purchase behaviour.
Full integration capabilities
Full customer relationship management capabilities, with integrated back office system.
Electronic Funding
Integrated EFT/ACH purchase of GICs to all major Canadian clearing Banks, Trusts, Credit Unions
Real Time Rate Board
Configurable algorithm rate board to tailor inflow funding to match funding requirements. (Patent Pending) GIC history, analytics available for strategy decisions
Multiple Account Types
Non Registered: Individual, Joint, Corporate, Condo, Trust, Charities, Registered: Individual/Spousal - RRSP, TFSA, RRIF

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Finally, GIC investors get their own online broker to shop the market for top rates

Investors who like the safety of guaranteed investment certificates have been largely ignored in the tech revolution that has transformed do-it-yourself investing in the past 20 years. An online GIC broker called CASHiQ is trying to fill this gap. It offers access to GICs from 21 different issuers, none of them Big Five banks (the rates at these banks are just too low to bother adding them). There are also tools for building laddered-GIC portfolios while staying within deposit-insurance limits.

Rob Carrick

Personal Finance Columnist (Globe & Mail)

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CASHiQ is not a bank, and never takes custody of client funds. CASHiQ simply helps maximize the return on their portfolio and invests in the federally and provincially insured Canadian financial institutions (banks, trust companies, credit unions).

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